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Pretty in Pink


This historical landmark, the Highlands Masonic Temple, is located in off of Federal Boulevard has been in operation since 1927. As a part of a larger renovation throughout the building, the Ladies Lounge was in need of a miracle – just what we were able to provide! With the inspiration of the 1920’s – glamour, “Coco” Chanel and a revolution of empowering women – this was a project that we took a great pleasure to work on. With a custom-built rotunda sofa, upholstered in a soft pink embossed velvet, paired with antique mirrored vanities and a stunning paneled floral wallcovering, the result was intoxicating.


I had not done a lot with my home after living in it for 2 years as I was at a loss of where to start and which direction to go. I had never worked with an interior designer before but knew that I needed professional advice to offer suggestions and help me to make decisions. I met with several interior designers before settling on Lindsay. Right away she had very useful and budget friendly suggestions. I had several areas within my home that I ignored for 2 years as I had no idea what to do with them. Lindsay nailed it in 15 minutes. I implemented her suggestions and now my home feels a lot more stylish, cozy and like a place I don't want to stray away from for long. I highly recommend Lindsay and Hendrix Interiors.


Great attention to detail. Made lots of suggestions and provided sources for these suggestions and did the work to get everything sorted. Not to mention the price was right. Really appreciate your work Lindsay.


We used Hendrix Interiors for our home remodel. We had an Amazing experience from beginning to end. Never in a million years could we of done it on our own. Lindsay was spot on with what we were wanting. We highly recommend Hendrix Interiors. Thank you Lindsay!


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Lindsay Hendrix in Denver, CO on Houzz
Lindsay Hendrix in Denver, CO on Houzz
Lindsay Hendrix in Denver, CO on Houzz
Lindsay Hendrix in Denver, CO on Houzz
Lindsay Hendrix in Denver, CO on Houzz


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